Please note the following when selecting the part numbers for your radio

 •  The SignaLink USB is always supplied with one radio cable. The SignaLink USB part number (SLUSBxxx) determines which radio cable is included. For example, SignaLink USB p/n “SLUSB6PM” includes radio cable p/n “SLCAB6PM”. If you have multiple radios and need more than one radio cable, then extra radio cables can be purchased using the part numbers shown under the “Radio Cable Only” column.

  Some radios have multiple options for connecting the SignaLink USB. Rear panel connections are generally preferred over the Mic jack and will be listed first when available. 

 If the SignaLink USB or Radio Cable part number is noted as “DATA“, “ACCY”, “ACC”, “REAR” (etc.), then the part number is for the radio's rear panel connection. If the part number is not marked this way then it is for the radio's Mic jack.

 • Our optional Plug & Play Jumper Modules provide the easiest installation possible and are highly recommended for configuring your SignaLink. Jumper modules are available for most configurations and are shown under the “Jumper Module” column. If a jumper module is not listed then you will need to configure the SignaLink using the supplied jumper wires.

 Be sure to read any notes shown for your radio as these details are important radio requirements or restrictions.


Radio Model SignaLink USB
With Radio Cable
Radio Cable Only Jumper Module